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You and the Murdoch/NewsCorp Empire

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AB Editor | 09:07 Fri 08th Jul 2011 | Film, Media & TV
31 Answers

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Tick all which apply to you:

  • I will never use a Murdoch/NewsCorp product again - 124 votes
  • 62%
  • I will buy the last issue of The News of The World - 31 votes
  • 16%
  • I will continue to use Murdoch/NewsCorp owned products in the future - 31 votes
  • 16%
  • I will buy "The Sunday Sun" when it is issued - 14 votes
  • 7%

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I never bought his gutter rags anyway. They're so trashy.
I will have to stick with Sky, it's the only way I can watch sport (zero interest in football but I do like cricket). I have never knowingly bought a Murdoch newspaper and never will.
it seems he has his fingers in several pies, so how would i really know ?

no to the 1st 3, i have virigin tv, is that his ?
Agree with NoM, trashy papers just full of sleaze and not worth buying.
Other Newspapers are available if I need to buy as generally I only purchase for the Sport and Crosswords
Virgin was Branson; I think he still owns a bit but as far as I know Murdoch doesn't.

Sky also provides my broadband, so it is thanks to Murdoch that I am able to grace these pages with my posting.
actually i've just had a quick look i think sky owns virgin media.
i didn;t by the notw anyway but i think it would be hard to avoid all murdock/newscorp products

anyone have a list handy?
I can't understand how anyone could read the NOTW's a magazine. It's full of staged celeb photos.....

OH said the sport section was good though...
I cannot see how people will allow them to release a new newspaper, we all know in a few months when everyone has forgotton it will be a replica of the NOTW without the name
The Sunday Sun already exists in the North East of England
I never Have read any of his newspapers but couldn't live without my Sky+ especailly as I now live on my own.
There wasn't an option for read it from the shelf and then put it back, so i'll abstain from voting :-)
wow, three Sunday Sun readers on AB already, before it even exists. Tut, this site is going so downmarket.
I can't say alot on here ed, but it is possible that some high street stores that normally sell the notw MAY, not be selling it at all this coming sunday, some high street stores do not want to be seen to be supporting their news business
I only bought the NOWT/the Sun when there was a free Lego offer on (and always feel really ashamed when I do).
will sam fox be on page 3 of the sunday sun

i need to know before i vote
don't worry sherrardk lots of grown ups like lego
well some of us have nothing to give up. I never buy many papers anyway but out of principal I have avoided any murdoch stuff since the Wapping trouble many years back, and as for sky, even if free and the only option, I'd never have that.
I`ll take part in your polls when you reply to my emails

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You and the Murdoch/NewsCorp Empire

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