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You and the Murdoch/NewsCorp Empire

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AB Editor | 09:07 Fri 08th Jul 2011 | Film, Media & TV
31 Answers

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Tick all which apply to you:

  • I will never use a Murdoch/NewsCorp product again - 124 votes
  • 62%
  • I will buy the last issue of The News of The World - 31 votes
  • 16%
  • I will continue to use Murdoch/NewsCorp owned products in the future - 31 votes
  • 16%
  • I will buy "The Sunday Sun" when it is issued - 14 votes
  • 7%

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there wont be a Sunday Sun, it already exists, he will call it something like "The Sun On Sunday"
Virgin media show Sky channels. So Murdoch gets a cut.
The funny thing is, the Sunday Sun in the North East is even more scurrilous than the NOTW ever was.

I assume that those who voted A will abstain from buying the Times. Given that the DM is also persona non grata that leaves only the Guardian to stimulate your intellectual faculties.
there's the Independent, favourite reading of Jayne and actually rather good
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
usual circulation was 2.6 million but they were printing more yesterday to cater for people like Eddie. If there are more than 3 million of them around, they may be collectors' items but they're unlikely to be worth much.
don't have sky and don't buy newspapers owned by murdoch. don't agree with his "I want to own and control everything" policy. not my sort of person so i've avoided him and his goods as far as i can. i'm not a puritan or crusader just trying to live life on my terms not that of big business.
Where's the option for "I never bought it anyway"?
I don't buy papers often now - too expensive for a start but I do like The Times and will continue to read that occasionally
none apply to me!

21 to 31 of 31rss feed

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You and the Murdoch/NewsCorp Empire

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