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Dr Who (1st Matt Smith series) - I can't figure out what he says!

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NiceCupOfTea | 00:04 Fri 08th Jul 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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Episode where Amy is imaginarily pregnant and she, Dr Who and Rory are sat on a bench near the start. He asks 'So, what do you do around here to stave off the..' and Amy interjects with 'boredom?'. Matt sounds like he says 'so far' or 'faux pas' but what does he actually say?


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Which episode - is it the one with the Silurians ?
(Are you Boy George btw?)
Ok, gottit.
The doctor says:
"..So what do you do to stave off the, you know, self harm?"
Amy interrupts with "..boredom?" at exactly the moment the Doctor says "self harm".
...probably a reference to the Doctor's attempts to keep up with the trends of the time, in this case "Emos".
You could just switch the subtitles on...

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Dr Who (1st Matt Smith series) - I can't figure out what he says!

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