What Popular Movies Have You Never Seen?

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AB Editor | 14:10 Wed 19th Jul 2017 | Film
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What really popular famous movies have you never seen but it seems like you should have/everybody else has?

I ask because this week I watched The Sixth Sense and Silence of the Lambs, both for the first time. I already knew the twist in The Sixth Sense, but still really enjoyed it.


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Patsy33 /// Titanic. Can't bring myself to watch it! /// Don't tell me, it gives you that sinking feeling? :0)
16:27 Wed 19th Jul 2017
"...apart from having to take my daughter to see Titanic, which was boring!"

I thought of going to see that film, Eddie. Unfortunately it would have been spoiled for me as I know the ending! Same with the (extremely over-hyped) "Dunkirk" which is about to hit the streets.

I think there is an inverse relationship between the amount of time and money spent talking a film up and how good it is. I've heard nothing but "Dunkirk" on the telly and in the papers for weeks so I imagine it's not much to write home about.
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multi oscar winner The Last Emperor


/// multi oscar winner The Last Emperor //

Wow, now who has seen that?

But strangely as I sit in my study, I look towards one of my bookcases and there it is, but in the old VHS format, along with a copy of the brilliant Memphis Belle.
Thanks for the BA ED.
life of brian ....I use to love monty python back in the day but now find it awful x

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What Popular Movies Have You Never Seen?

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