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Data Protection Act 1998

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PeelerPal | 15:03 Wed 09th Dec 2009 | Law
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I have recentely applied to let a house, which meant the company letting the property would have to refrence check myself. My credit score was not high enough and the company asked me to find a guarantor, My girlfriends father offered to guarantor for me and went in to the office to enquire about the detalis.

The lady working at the company, gave him personal information about my credit score without my permission and also discussed details about my accountant. He came and told me this and I have since found out that thaey have accepted responsibility and sent me a brief email appology.

Please can someone tell me where I stand with regards to persuing this matter further as the company has offered to refund all lof my refrencing fees but I feel that this is not adequate as I have suffered embarrassment at their hands.

Thank you


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What a shame people have to be so snide and pathetic. this is a question and answer site, the poster is asking a genuine question. Anyone can google and it doesn't always mean you get the right answer, other peoples input from their own experiences is more valuable in a lot of cases, hence sites like this!
Grow up all of you.
Sorry peelepal, good luck with it :)
16:30 Wed 09th Dec 2009
How many ££££££'s will sooth your bruised sensibilities ?
Its a bit difficult to put a price on this.. and I doubt you will get anywhere with it..... Might be best to let it lie...

what was so embarrassing anyway.. go on tell....
Question Author
I am looking for SOUND legal advice, not someone thinking I am looking for a payout. And I certainly wouldn't let it lie as the Data Protection Act is there to proctect us and if we all let things lie there would be no point in having laws, so sensible answers please!
Do as I have just done, Google "Data Protection Complaints" and you get

I'ts not hard!
The Data Protection Act is overseen by the Information Comissioners Office. As you have already approached the company involved your next step would be to contact the ICO and place a complaint.
"You have a right to claim compensation from an organisation if you have suffered damage because they have broken part of the Act. You can normally only claim for any distress you have suffered if you have also suffered damage."

"Even when you can show the court the exact sum of money you have lost as a result of the breach of the Act, it is still up to the judge to make the award and he may reduce your claim or award nothing at all."
What a shame people have to be so snide and pathetic. this is a question and answer site, the poster is asking a genuine question. Anyone can google and it doesn't always mean you get the right answer, other peoples input from their own experiences is more valuable in a lot of cases, hence sites like this!
Grow up all of you.
Sorry peelepal, good luck with it :)
Chelle, I agree with you in part, but I have more respect for those who try and find the information and then come back with questions about the bits they don't understand or asking for experiences of the application of it. It is like those who just stick their homework questions on here to avoid doing anything themselves.

I agree you won't necessarily get the right answerfrom Google but the effort you make means that you can get some knowledge, ask more pertinent questions and get more accurate answers.
Well all the ifs and buts aside, the guy has every right to know what sort of bloke he'll be guarentoring. So you are basically the sort of person who welches on debts, that's why you need a guarantour, so now you seem to object to someone actually researching the extent of the problem. You sufferred embarrasment? perlease anyone who would welch on debts clearly has no shame so how are you embarrassed? You should be grateful that your girlfriends father is even looking into this for you not spitting out the dummy because he asked pertinant questions. J arthurs like you make the world much more hassle for the rest of us, if the old man has an ounce of sense he'll tell you take a hike.
I was asked to be guarantor earlier this year in very similar circumstances. I telephoned the letting agent to determine exactly what the implications were for me, and why the potential tenant needed a guarantor.
I was told about his bad credit record which helped me make my decision.
It seems to be standard practice. After all, a guarantor is there to pay your rent if you don't pay, can be taken to court and end up with a county court judgement and a bad credit score himself, so it is only right the guarantor should fully understand the risk.
I would be furious to have these facts hidden from me, given that it is extremely difficult for an individual to get this sort of information himself.
Question Author
Thank you chelle I appreciate your comment and for defending me, I have already researched the act itself and I know that i is in fact governed by two controlling bodies, the ICO and the OPSI. I have spoken to the ICO and told them my complaint and they instructed me that I would have a justified complaint as it is not up to the data controller do disclose 3rd party information and infact only up to the subject.

Secondly @ R1 GEEZER As you never even took the time to ask me why I am in this situation, you have automatically assumed that I am a bad debtor and uncredit worthy. It is people like you that are the vermin as you are very quick to judge without knowing the full facts and just to put your NARROW mind at rest, I am a registered company and the reason I need a guarantor is because my company is of 'Limited Liability' and I fo not fall into the bracket of releasing the amount of finance requested, so get it right you pathetic little Snag!

So why did you come on here asking a question with incomplete information? It is no use asking people to help you when you only give them half the story. You could easily have have given all the detail in your last response in the question, and got some sensible answers. Nobody on here is a mind reader!
So you are trying to rent a property via your company, presumably so you can use the limited liability to welch on paying later, right oh! Why not rent the place personally? I reckon it's because your personal record is even worse. It's people like you who are vermin mate. Your whole approach tells me that you are the sort who does not pay debts and seeks to obscure your details/movements so you can con those around you. The the real reason your're angry is that your girlfreind's father has realised the kind of person you are and is looking further. I hope the poor guy backs out of this so you can't con him ad infinitum.

Go on your turn have another rant, heard it all before! what a J Arthur!
Question Author
I believe that I provided a complete amount of information in order for help, the facts are is that my personal information was given to a third party without my permission, I have nothing to hide (contrary to some beliefs) but don't wish my personal life discussed with others as it is a gross invasion of my privacy.

As for R1 GEEZER, you are so sad and lonely that you seem to like having a go apeople because you think it will cause an arguement but nothing you say holds any justification or sense and therefore pointless to rise to. If it was my doctor giving out my health information - you are the sort of person to then accuse me of hiding some diesease from my family and calling me a dieseased vermin even though it is completely unfounded, so I seriously suggest that you seek some professional help little fella as you are obviously very ill and I feel sorry for you.

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Data Protection Act 1998

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