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made a will

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sara3 | 20:29 Tue 01st Jul 2008 | Law
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did you know it's National Will week (or possibly month)??!! apparently many places are offering them half price.

I haven't written a will. I'm divorced with 2 children. I've assumed that they will get everything anyway.

am I right?


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i have a will, the will to survive on AB.

Sort a Will out. It was easier than I thought.

just made a will and legladin and knobbynuthead are beneficiaries.
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thanks Jayne. did you use that site?

I don't want to have to choose which child gets what, and I'm bound to forget stuff. I think I've put it off because it seems like a big job. do you have to list everything of value?
sara, yes I did.

it worked really well. You fill out a sort of online questionnaire, and send it, and you get a Will.

I had a couple of odd things I typed, and they phoned me to sort them out. They were very good.

You should have a Will. Once it's done, you can bung in away and stop worrying.

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thanks again, I'll have a look at it tonight :o)
Just had a thought......if your kids are young there are a couple more things you need to think about.
1. If you die, who will be their guardian?
2. If you die and they are still young, who will be the trustee(s) who look after the money for them?
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thanks Mrs. O. I've given it all some vague thought, but still not done the deed. I am useless!
When my child was younger, the solicitor told me that I could get the will done for free if (a) I was on benefits and (b) I was going to appoint a legal guardian for my child, as part of the will. It was very easy to do! The couple who I named as the executors of the will were also listed as my child's guardians. And the solicitor made helpful suggestions about how to word it. Why not check out some ideas on the internet, about how to split the big stuff. Or, the will can be worded so that those items are valued and then sold and then the money is split up evenly. (It saves arguments between the kids, once you are dead!) Fone a solicitor & ask if you can get it done for free cos of apointing guardians... it's worth a phone call.
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interesting MrsR, thanks!

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made a will

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