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Executor Of Will

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cassa333 | 22:57 Thu 23rd May 2024 | Law
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My husband passed away last year and I got probate at the end of February.

My problem is the only one financial institution requires photo ID and the other executor has failed to produce her photo ID. 

Apparently she lost her drivers license shortly after getting it and the replacement was 'lost' via the post. (There is a suspicion that it was delivered to a neighbour that has kept it). However they are not replacing it until a post office investigation has been finalised. 

Add to this when she tried to get a new passport her photo was rejected (because she didn't seem to have aged 🤨) and has been told by the passport office she will have to have a zoom interview to prove herself.

Not only is this pretty bad luck for her it does also mean that I can't finish sorting out my husbands estate. 
Does anyone have an idea on what I can do? Or what the best course of action is please.

Thank you



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Would this be a solution?

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I'm not sure. They have specifically asked for either drivers license or passport. But wouldn't a citizen card be the same as a passport?

She is in her 40s and has had a passport before but it lapsed 10 years ago. The passport office didn't believe she had aged from her new photo 🤯



Would the other executor resign to make things easier? Would it make things easier?

Question Author

Barry, I think she would if I asked. I have a 'spare' executor (if that makes sense). But don't know a. If it would be any quicker or. b how togo about it. Would the spare have to step in?

We fell out a couple of months  after my husband died but she has and continues to sign documents. It's just this last one I'm waiting on her id. It's been three months of her id going missing or stolen or as with her passport, something going wrong.

I just want to get this done. And tbh I need the money tied up in the account.

It is not as simple and straightforward as it could be.  She would have to sign a deed of renunciation in front of a solicitor and this can only be done in limited circumstances.

Phone the bank concerned and ask them for  advice re proving identity before doing anything. This cannot be a rare situation for them.


Would her expired passport be accepted as proof of ID?

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no. They've already said it has to be in date.

She cannot now resign (renounce) since she has probate.  A renunciation can only be done before probate has been granted.  She can only now be removed by Court order.

Could you contact the bereavement services team at the bank and explain the situation.  You could offer an indemnity to the bank (many banks will pay out on an indemnity).  You have a Grant of Probate which ought to be sufficient for them.  You could try instructing a solicitor just to deal with this aspect.  Many banks will accept the say so of a lawyer.

I get really annoyed about this.  If you choose to be a customer at that bank you agree to provide whatever they need, but when you are an executor it is kind of thrust upon you and they then make you jump through their extra hoops for no sensible reason whatsoever.

Question Author

Thank you Barmaid,

I will go to the bank on Tuesday and explain. 40 mile trip again lol

But we had already been in once to explain and she took various other documents but they wouldn't accept them. It is getting rather silly now as it's been three months of trying to get her photo id.

I wouldn't go to the bank - you'll only get to talk to a domestic banker.

I would write a "letter of concern" to the bereavement services team - they are a bit more "in the know" about this stuff and they may help.

Question Author

Thank you Barmaid I will do that.

Question Author

Hello, Thank you everyone for your replies.

I thought I would update.

I contacted the building society and they said bank statements, benefits letters and bills and council tax forms would be OK. So I eventually got the other executor to send those in and that has now paid out.

When I went in to give the passbook in I told them I wasn't happy because we had been explicitly told it could only be photo id and it had taken over three months to date. If they had given us the right information to start with I would have had this three months ago.They just said oh yes sorry. Without a care in the world.

The money in the account although large wasn't a desperate need for me but what if it had? What if someone who didn't have my recourses desperately needed that cash and had to wait that long or longer. They just didn't care.

excellent advice from Barmaid as ever - thx.

I am  sorry for your loss and the extra worries and anxieties it has involved.

I hope things are resolved - successfully

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