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Disagreement Between Executors Of A Will

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Kassee | 22:33 Thu 03rd Apr 2014 | Law
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Four of us are equal beneficiaries of a will, two are also executors of that will. We now have a disagreement over sale of property, ( we are all beneficiaries in this sale), three agree together, and one executor will not agree. What can we do ?


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Can I ask what the disagreement is Kassee?
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Disagreement over sale of property, property put on open market and sale agreed, then all of a sudden executor wants to purchase property. He is saying he will match the price - but will he ?
The executors of the will have a duty to sell the property for as much money as possible. For example my nephew wanted to buy our parents house but could not afford the asking price , the majority were in favour of selling at a lower price to keep the property in the family, but one executor disagreed and the solicitor agreed with him.
i'd imagine property must be sold on the open market in a transparent way or people, being people, would get up to all kinds of 'high-jinks',
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Yes, but how can a mere beneficiary like me, make sure that that actually happens.
Have the property independently valued and give him that price.
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If this comes to court a judge would order to sell at auction. This cuts virtually any Gordian knot

Once you are agreed that the default option is sale at an auction
you should be able come to some sort of an agreement, on a private sale otherwise list for auction

this situation occurs relatively frequently
( where one beneficiary holds out and just says - I dont agree I dont agree...)

if you are just a beneficiary, and not the executor you can't make sure anything happens

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Disagreement Between Executors Of A Will

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