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emmie | 06:04 Fri 27th May 2022 | Law
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Would you need to consult a solicitor if one wanted to give a close relative Power of Attorney
i am considering doing this in the future and don't know the first thing about it.


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you can do it yourself and avoid hefty legal fees
Emmie, these days this is rather more complex than it used to be, and more expensive.

You might try looking at some online legal advice services to see what they could do.
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the link says about attorneys, how do i do it off my own back, i would like to draft a form/letter to entitle my brother to have POA in case any thing happens to me, to save him having any hassle from a legal standpoint, as i have seen first hand what a mess it can be
the "attorney" is the person you nominate to act as your decision maker
you could simply write a letter outlining your wishes but that could be legally challenged if any such circumstances were to arise...concerning your personal care and finances..the Office of the Public Guardian could take matters in hand
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so i can nominate my brother as he could act on my behalf if i was ill/incapacitated in some way.
your brother would be your "attorney"
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thanks for the link dave and Minty, always helpful..
:o) xx
No, I did it all myself, very easy
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what did you do Barry, did you fill in a form?
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i would rather not engage a solicitor, the costs for one thing, and where to find one....
Look at the link that murraymints suggested and then give it a try; you have nothing to lose only your time. You can fill-in the form online, saving it as you go along, so you can take as long as you like over it. If you get really stuck you can then resort to legal help but, the chances are, you'll be able to do it. Only when you've got it all done do you have to send it away with a payment to get it authorised, so trying to do it yourself is totally free.
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i will do that, i was just seeing how easy/hard it was to do.
Yes, I filled it all in online using the link in murray's first post. The guide notes are very thorough and the staff are excellent should you need to phone the Office of Public Guardians.

Most importantly, though, why do you want to create a PoA? What do you hope to achieve by doing so? By the way, if you do it yourself it costs £82 for each one - the one dealing with finance and the one that deals with your health and wellbeing
I would recommend you do it sooner rather than later - it doesn't have to become effective until you decide the time is right, or circumstances dictate but you have to be 'of sound mind' to set them up.
It goes without saying that you must be able to trust your attorney with your money and your life :)
I did one purely for finances (Enduring P of A?) before the new system came in. It only needs to be registered if it becomes necessary for the attorney (my niece) to act.
You can also get help with the cost (£82 each) if you earn less than £12k pa
It used to be free if u were on pension credit too. I have recently done it myself o line.

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Power Of Attorney

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