Shock With Common Assault Charge

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BigRooster | 18:44 Wed 25th May 2022 | Law
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Me and the wife had a argument with a stranger over parking at the end of this this women accused my wife of assault then accused us both of damaging her car she then rang the police we think she did this because we said we just come from the pub all this she said is untrue so we were quite happy to wait but then some family members came over so we walked back to the house .

We waited for the police but no one came so I phoned the police told them what happened they said we are aware of what’s happened and don’t worry.
Five months later we get summoned to the police station to give a statement.
We went taking some great advice off here we went in separately we both gave are side .
When he read out the accuser’s statement if my account was videoed you we see my jaw drop on the floor.
She accused my wife which I was expecting but also said I assaulted her too no mention of the car and said she screamed for help and three people came just happened to be family all these other houses that we’re closer but only them .
Told the police this did not happened we’ve been stitched up .
He tried to assure me that he would do he job right and not to worry
But I feel with time between then and now there they will be well drilled.
Should I be worried.


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Sorry - havent we had this?
you wait and see
I recollect a magisterial post from NJ

If you made any mistake - it was talking to the Police
I can't give you legal advice but I do know that the Police aren't stupid and they know about human behaviour. They know that it is the accusers word against yours and as there is no evidence. inclined

It seems that the police are inclined to believe your version of events.

I hope that the issue is resolved soon.
If the police are not taking sides in this dispute, it strikes me that the supposed three independent witnesses have swayed them into believing an assault took place – and that they’d likely get a guilty verdict in court.

If I were you, I would be worried; I’d want to get myself a brief who was able to question these three witnesses and expose their accounts as lies.
So you've actually been charged?
I cant see if you have been charged
if you HAVE you need to defend it - with a lawyer

can you do it yourself much cheaper? No I think you have shown that you cant and mustnt
The post title is "common assault CHARGE"
then he needs to hire a lawyer
( problem is loo-loo - can he do this without spending loo-loo and the answer is 'no')

ringing the police - how foolish
Question Author
When I left the station he said he would be investigating it on a common assault charge going by the other person’s account
Don't worry at the moment. If you get charged get a lawyer. No use fretting over what might be.
You are overthnking this
wait and see
what is done is done ( i e your statement)

if you are charged, you need to hire a lawyer ( yes loo-lah) but I dont think you should go to court alone

calm yourself - watch better call saul ( netflix)

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Shock With Common Assault Charge

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