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Son’s Ex Won’t Move Out Of The House

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chrissa1 | 21:42 Mon 03rd Jan 2022 | Law
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My lovely son has just found out that the woman he has been living with for the past two years has been cheating on him behind his back.

They were living in a rented house that he paid for each month. He is heartbroken. He has moved out of the house and has handed his notice in at the Estate Agents.

He has since found out that she has a history of doing this to other men and that she has no intention of moving out and will just stay there.

Can the Estate Agents evict her from the house or, will my son have to keep paying for as long as she’s there?


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Who is the rental contract with - him, her or both of them?
Question Author
Just him.
Wait 'til she's out, change the locks, give the agents the new keys - then she either commits a crime by breaking in or makes a supervised visit with the agent to get her stuff - either way your son should be off the hook.
just stop paying.
Question Author
Shouldn’t be the job of the EAs, Sunny Dave?
Speak to the estate agents. Work with them and against her.
how long is the contract remaining?
didnt he have exactly same scenario with his wife a few years ago poor chap?
Question Author
Yes but thank god he never married this witch.
He needs professional legal advice about his legal rights, and how to enforce them.

Get him to make an appointment with a solicitor if he doesn't already have one.
If he's got a contract then all he needs to do is abide by it. If she isn't mentioned in it, then she's irrelevant. I hate saying end of, but...end of.
Chrissa, I’m sorry to hear about your family having problems .
tomus must be right: just read what the contract requires for the end of a tenancy, and do it. It's nothing to do with her.

Much more broadly, if your son has had this problem before, maybe he could consider therapy. A knack for choosing Miss Wrong every time must be making his life a misery, and though none of it may be his fault, he could still brighten his future by considering the selection processes he goes through.
The advice given by sunny-dave @ 20.45 is best ignored That is the last thing you want to do . His idea will end up in a whole lot of legal issues.

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Son’s Ex Won’t Move Out Of The House

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