Describe The Major Functions Of The Commonwealth Parliament.

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wajid00222 | 15:08 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Law
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Describe the major functions of the Commonwealth Parliament.


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There isn't a Commonwealth Parliament
Could mean the Australian Parliament?
Or the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.
read ch 2 of your book - byeeeee!
or the commonwealth of virginai>
Wiki says :-

The Commonwealth was the political structure during the period from 1649 to 1660 when England and Wales, later along with Ireland and Scotland,were governed as a republic after the end of the Second English Civil War and the trial and execution of Charles I. The republic's existence was declared through "An Act declaring England to be a Commonwealth",adopted by the Rump Parliament on 19 May 1649. Power in the early Commonwealth was vested primarily in the Parliament and a Council of State. During the period, fighting continued, particularly in Ireland and Scotland, between the parliamentary forces and those opposed to them, as part of what is now referred to as the Third English Civil War.

Parliaments represent their electorate / citizens and make laws. They also make sure the legislature, executive and administration are working properly. Finally parliaments perpetuate themselves, regular free and fair elections (generally).

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Describe The Major Functions Of The Commonwealth Parliament.

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