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Selling Property

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theviking51 | 10:19 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | Law
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Hi. My sister in law wants to sell me her garage at rear of property. I own the one next door which is part of 6 garages.
Im giving her cash but we don't want solicitors involved.
Don't need searches as i bought mine 2 years ago and have all the history deeds etc of the area.
Can we legally do this.


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It depends who owns the land the garage is built on. If it's part of her garden she will have to separate it off her house title and get a new title number. If it's already on a separate title, then you can do all the transferring yourself form TR1. However, if you use the form you will need to prove identity through a solicitor so it would be just as easy to let a conveyancing solicitor do the work.
yes, there is nothing in law that legally must have a lawyer. You will need to do self conveyancing. Generally not advisable for reasons explained in the article below but for simple transactions such as this it's feasible.
TTT it is the cost to get your form notarised if you are not an accredited conveyancer that puts the cost up. You've filled in the form, hopefully correctly but you need to know if there are any liens or covenants on the Title and carry them over, the cost I believe is about £80 for the land registry, but you have to have the form notarised which will cost another £80. The last time I did this the solicitor did the lot -filled in the form sent it off and chardge £90 + vat.
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all 6 of us own the land and side road the garages are on and all liable for repairs etc.
I have all the history and rules when land was sold by local family since Victorian times onwards. It's not in her garden except a normal door to go in from her garden.
this scenario is far too complicated to do the transfer yourself. Much quicker and easier to get a solicitor. It will not be as much as they would charge for transferring a house as it is less work. If you all own the land together, she legally cannot 'sell' you her share as you all have an equal share in all of the land ( Joint Tenants). If you all own your patch separately (Tenants in common) she can transfer her share to you fairly easily and quickly. You need get a solicitor to look into it. not for legal reasons but for peace of mind.
Another much easier way to get around it is to pay her cash for the garage, but she will still own the land underneath it. You could then pay her a small ground rent of say £1 a year.
So four other people would have to agree to the sale?
Barry it would depend on whether the land is owned as Joint Tenants or Tenants in common and also if the sister just wants to sell the garage or the actual 'plot' the garage stands on . Too complicated for DIY conveying.
yes it might be legal in a branch called equity ( that barmaid specialises in actually)
but it will cause absolute hell if you wish to sell on or for your heirs when you die

say the sister is Sal - saucy sal - well saucy sals heirs are very very likely to say - we dont recognise the transfer so it is still ours and WE are selling

but you might say - narfin to do with me, I will be dead
// So four other people would have to agree to the sale?//
no Barry cut to - - just get a lawyer to do it and pay
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Thankyou all for your answers.
so it is possible to carry out through the document "purchase and sale" of property. I'm already familiar with all this - I buy and sell houses and apartments in Miami ""

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Selling Property

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