Can A Birth Parent Get To See Fostered Child?

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buffymad | 09:14 Thu 06th Feb 2020 | Law
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Background ... child was put into foster care 10 years ago. For first 2 years father got to see child on a regular basis with no problems. Child was then placed with another family hundreds of miles away so contact stopped. She was there for a year but due to mis-treatment she was placed yet again but closer to birth father. Since then Social Services say he can’t see her coz child is going through therapy. New family sound lovely and caring and child seems settled. But every time birth father asks about contact (not just him, other members of family too), they trot out the therapy excuse.
Now if child is having problems that’s fair enough, but just wondered if he could push any further - does he have any legal standing to actually see the child again?


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Sounds like a case for the Family Court and CAFCAS. This could lead to supervised visits. Ask at the CAB how to go about it.
The history of birth fathers' rights is dire, they tend to be considered nil and the approach toward them has been openly hostile. The fathers have usually been and often still are seen as irrelevant and they are then treated accordingly.

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Can A Birth Parent Get To See Fostered Child?

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