My Tenant - Could Be Be Any More Difficult!! Grrrrr

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Smowball | 13:56 Wed 19th Jun 2019 | Law
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Ok so he’s been served Section 21 notice but didn’t respond. They’ve called and left voicemails but again no response. So I asked did it matter and the agent said that it makes no odds whether he replies or not, so that’s good.

But it’s about the only thing. He refused access to the last inspection and apparently they cannot force their way in. They have to give 48 hrs notice and if he doesn’t confirm they tell him that they have a set of master keys, and will just let themselves in. If he rings and refuses to agree to them letting themselves in then there is NOTHING they can do, and that’s the law. Even they agreed it was mad.
The last time they managed to inspect it he refused to let them into certain rooms, and again they can’t make him. I can see us having to take him to court to get him out - flipping man!!


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// I can see us having to take him to court to get him out - flipping man!!//
yup I think we all said you would
if ( when ) you renewed his contract....
I'm sure if get high court involved to give notice they will instruct bailiffs and have Police presence if he's going to be an xxxxhole. More expense but you will get him out. You need county court judgement first though.
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I’m not sure if we did renew his tenancy in the end - I left that to Mr Smow....
Either way he is being a right pain!
Smow you letting through an estate agent or you doing it privately?
"the agent" in the OP....
Ok Gingerbee up to Estate Agent to get him evicted then, guess agents will be taking 10 to 15 % of rent.
is he paying the Burton?
Smow I'm sure you have this document but you need to follow step by step.
Section 8 notice might be best route to follow.

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My Tenant - Could Be Be Any More Difficult!! Grrrrr

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