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hannah40 | 14:31 Wed 19th Jun 2019 | Law
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We stayed in a chalet and the owners have sent us a bill for breaking a sofa bed while pulling it out.
We were not aware we broke bed but if we did we would pay. They also said they had to cancel the next weeks booking and have added that charge on to the bill.
What are our legal requirements. Thank you


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I have no legal knowledge.

I repeat.. I have no legal knowledge

Hopefully someone who does comes along to add to the thread, but i can say this...

I would have thought (because i don't KNOW) that the person who owns the chalet would be insured for this kind of thing.
I would request evidence that you were the ones who broke the bed or that the bed is even broken.
I don't know the legal stuff but when we have stayed in chalets etc we have paid a deposit to cover breakages which was returned at the end of the stay.
I have stayed in a chalet before. I had to sign an "inventory" and "damages" list.

Did you do this prior to your stay? (usually on first day of let)
They CAN NOT charge you for ANY of it !! What happened was 'Normal wear and tear' The Owners are responcible for repairing it !!
However this is a VERY VERY common way to try and con tax free money out of unsuspecting guests !! Also unfortunately it often works !
Send the bill back and tell them to use The Small Claims Court if they really have a problem ! I bet a £ to a penny, you will here no more !
This happened to me , but I knew the people who had stayed there the week before us! I contacted them and they confirmed that they had had the EXACT same bill word for word ! This is so common because there is NO TAX on repair payments , but there IS on rental income !
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Say it did go to small claims court then would I be liable for more costs?
Write back telling them you look forwards to receiving the proof of their assertions.

It's quite useful to advise them that any further contact will be ignored unless it comes from their Solicitors.
Check the T&C on the contracts that you signed
I think the posters have got it right
that is you are NOT responsible and they would have difficulty in proving it
No you are not responsible for costs for a small claim if you lose

I would .... not reply. ( that includes NOT sending a letter - I am not going to reply)

not replying means that it is all up hill work for them.
see snow clumn on the tenant who wont reply

you dont have to assist them rook you
and we are all agreed that they are rooking you
Hanna they are just trying it on, claimant have to pay charges for County Court action, just sit tight.
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I had a message on messenger to begin with accusing me of that bed breaking and other things. I blocked her then as my Facebook wasn’t private her daughter wrote horrid things on my wall.
I then made all private.she then wrote to me and now the bill.
I have not replied to anything at all and as the letters come by post there is no proof I’m receiving them so maybe I will carry on ignoring until I receive a solicitor letter

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