Arrest Record Deletion (Local, Not Pnc) & Police Withholding Information.

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mhtu111 | 18:45 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | Law
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If the police withheld information that would have meant an arrest could have been avoided, and so could a specific charge, what can be done?

What can be done by someone who is in utter poverty who cannot afford to get a lawyer?

Also, do the CPS not have to wait for a 'suspect' interview before making a decision to charge? Is it normal for someone to be interviewed at a police station, and then straightaway taken to the main desk and charges read out? - without admitting guilt to nonsense that they have been accused of?

Are the police now able to twist anything they want, however they want, whilst also holding crucial information back from their own statements?

It is very clear that if someone is not guilty, they are seen as guilty no matter what. We are now able to point a finger at a random guy walking down the road and say "hey, officer, he is a terrorist." He would then be arrested, and the police will keep records of that for life.

Thanks in advance


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no - yeah
come on you have had a good go at this
and i think you have reached the end ....

"I dont have money like Cliff Richard but can I achieve what he did without any moolah? [ with only a begging bowl and a lovely small furry dog with goo-goo pleading eyes.]" No you cant - -

NJ has already told you that frightenly bright lawyers over see CPS decisions. I rehearsed the two stage process
you would have to show negligence in papers you dont have access to and probably malice. And no - please dont ask how you get access to papers you arent entitled to see .....

complete non starter

fill out your forms for your next job and get on with your life !

the answer to your list of very hard questions is
yes - yes - probably - he is lucky they didnt shoot him....

when you have given up and taken up knitting or something
try reading this

who was the subject of PERJURY by the australian federal attorney general

muc h much worse than you - and he gets as compensation a bag of sherbet dabs and a grudging apology from Mrs Mopp the office cleaner of the minister concerned

Question Author
I do have access to those documents. I requested the entire evidence file compiled and released to my lawyer by the CPS, and my lawyer sent me them, the file contains actual police statements written by the corrupt police officers at the scene.

I have read the statements by the police officers. They purposely avoided writing down what they were told (by me and by others), just so that they could avoid backlash from their superiors. If they had written down what they were told, they would have had to take the blame for causing a nuisance themselves, and could have not arrested me for their own nonsense.

What good is that though? What good is it when the police can blame a waste of space who is in poverty and face no backlash.

Everything that happened is crystal clear. But as a broke waste of space in poverty, I should let this ruin me and just get on with it?

mht judging by all of your posts, you don't seem to have much luck with the Police force, do you?
Question Author
The police are supposed to be catching pedos and scum bags with drugs shoved up their backside.

Not graduates who are looking for jobs (me).

The police make a mistake. They do not own up to it. They blame a foreign piece of *** waste of space such as myself, a complete and utter failure.

This is injustice bs that I can't afford to legally tackle. Now my entire future is finished thanks to a racist police officer who is utterly corrupt.

No matter how far I go, court records will exist, a record will exist somewhere no matter what. What an utter waste of time.

Is this how criminals are made? or do most of them enjoy the crime they commit? Because screw it, I might as well have committed a crime worth suffering for, something worth punishment, rather than getting blamed for utter *** by racist police officers.

I feel like a complete piece of *** failure scum. How stupid of me, thinking that studying was going to take me out of poverty. How retarded of me, to think that graduating with beyond a first class honours was worth the 20 hours a day study for three years.

Only to be accused of complete *** by racist people.

This is the Law section, mhtu111
if the question which I have been following is

how do I delete their version and substitute mine?
the answer is - you dont
you had the case - where you won
and got them to delete their records - which is marvellous
and now rest on your laurels

we are near or at
interest rei publicae sit finis litem
it is in the interests of the republic to have a limit on litigation

even in cases of proven perjury
note books are not re-written ....
// Now my entire future is finished thanks to a racist police officer who is utterly corrupt. //

nope - you have your future and you can rise above it
and should do
the future is yours ..... take ownership of it .....
I looked out but clearly did not record the case
where the data officer decides to themselves whether to retain data
since then
Catt v ACPO ( 2015 appeal court, supreme court ) has been decided
no it is OK record anything

and Catt v UK - Eur Ct Human Rts 2018
no - even secret data bases should have proper safeguards

and the local one I was thinking of is....
R CL v Chief Constable of GMP
Neutral Citation Number: [2018] EWHC 3333 (Admin)

retaining or not of information on sexting on the PNC and refers to the supreme ct case of Catt but not the ECtHR determination
and one from today

which really declined to follow Catt

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Arrest Record Deletion (Local, Not Pnc) & Police Withholding Information.

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