Made Redundant - When Should You Receive Final Pay?

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buffymad | 16:08 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | Law
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So further to my last post, other half has now been made redundant. He's not been there for 2 years so no redundancy pay.

However, the firm has said he has to wait until the next pay day to receive his money. Can they do that? I would have thought he should be paid at the end of his notice period (next Friday), but I may be wrong. Shouldn't he be getting his P45 sooner rather than later?


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i seem to recall you asked this before (i was being me redundant at the time too) - were there any useful answers on that question?
I'm pretty sure when I last left a job mid-month I wasn't paid on the day I left- I had to wait until the regular payroll date at month end. I'm not sure of the legal position though.
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Think it turns out if you’re getting redundancy pay then you get that straight away (that’s what happened to him the first time), but as this time he’s just receiving normal wages, he has to wait.

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Made Redundant - When Should You Receive Final Pay?

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