Payment Of Wages Etc On Redundancy

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buffymad | 11:32 Tue 13th Feb 2018 | Law
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Hello. How soon after redundancy should you be paid your wages, redundancy payment and wages in lieu of notice? I would’ve hoped it would be the day you leave but I’ve heard possibly not?


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The redundancy money has to be paid after you have left. Otherwise it is counted as income,so tax and NI would have to be deducted .
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But say if other half left at end of the month when pay day is, should he be paid his normal wages then? Overtime he has worked wouldn’t normally be paid until the next pay run, ie end of March - but should they pay him everything he’s owed within the last pay rather than make him wait?
I'm pretty sure I got paid on pay day. Companies may not do one-off payroll runs Did he have any outstanding holidays as if so his final date may not have been the last day in work?
It may also be the date when his notice expires. I would ask them for the date. If it's a considerable sum I think I'd advise people to ask beforehand when they should expect the money
On the last occasion I was made redundant, it was all paid 11 days before I finished. PAYE and NI is not payable on Redundancy Payments below £30,000. They can pay it before you leave without it being subject to the usual reductions, as it does not form part of your usual pay.
When I took redundancy 16 years ago, I finished work on the 5th. of the month and was paid on my normal pay date of the 20th. with my full salary for the month. I subsequently received my PILON and outstanding Holiday Pay, together with my Redundancy Payment, shortly after I had returned the signed Compromise Agreement.
i was made redundant at the end of january this year. I was informed my normal pay would be paid at the end of jan, and my redundancy payment would arrive in the next pay run at the end of feb. However, in the end the redundancy payment was made at the end of Jan with my normal jan wages. In fact it was a few days before i left
hope the redundancy thing is going OK for you bednobs
well its only been 2 weeks so far and one of them has been half term, so ive not had long to apply myself to finding work (ie ive been sitting on my ***)

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Payment Of Wages Etc On Redundancy

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