I Was Charged For Sexual Harassment?

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an0n0nfit | 14:01 Tue 13th Feb 2018 | Law
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I was charged for sexual harassment for drawing some lewd, naked women and showing them to some kids in the lower grade than me. Will this affect my chances of getting to college? I'm a juvenile.


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Maybe Barmaid will see this.
This is a US question I think by the wording so not sure how many of us can advise you Anon.
It will depend on state law and the rules of admission of the college

this is not an obvious course of action in England where social services would be more likely to involved.

have a look at this
ijiut, I am sure that you realise that now. What have you done to show contrition over this?

///Or did the school just say we're going to charge you with sexual assault?///

The OP says I was charged for sexual harassment, not assault.
.for thos in ENgland wondering what the position is in ENgland it is discussed here: ( depends on the course and the uni)

I was contemporary with this fella - but times you will say have changed over 50y - indicted for fraud - and made a voluntary disclosure at interview. He says he felt he couldnt lie to us fresh faced undergrads

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I Was Charged For Sexual Harassment?

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