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malana3 | 12:27 Fri 05th Feb 2016 | Law
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My wife and I have our Wills in place leaving everything to each other. An elderly relative has told me that I am to be a major beneficiary in her Will. What would be the situation should I pre-decease my elderly relative, would my wife still receive my inheritance without her name being specifically included in my relatives Will. I am reluctant to discuss this the matter with my relative.


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I'd have thought that unlikely as it is left to you not your estate. But no doubt an expert will be along in a while.
no, your bit will go bck into her estate and be distributed to the other beneficairies
Impossible to say without knowing the terms of relative ' s will.
bam bam - great to see you posting again

kissi kissi mwah mwah in a sort of platonic lawyerly way [ air kisses etc ]
agree with Barmaid ( Ha! )
and also chip my two penny worth
that altho s/o has said you will be a beneficiary
that is completely different from actually executing a document ( will ) that does this

fren' down in Darset ( aaaargh ! ) reports his mother has promised to leave an emerald ring - the emerals ring actually - to each of his five daughters .....
Proper drafting of the will should avoid any such problems.

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Rules Of Inheritance

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