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Passports And Data Uk Data Protection Act

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ian99 | 02:30 Mon 17th Mar 2014 | Law
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My employer had my passport along with the relevant forms to apply for a permit to visit a country for a project we have.
Unbeknown to me they used the passport and data provided, to apply to another country for a visa for another instead, one which the UK goverment advises against all but essential travel, is their use of the data in breach of the UK data protection act, I believe they will have to have signed or ticked a box saying all information given was to my belief correct.


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If you gave your permission for your employers to use your passport details to obtain visas, then they haven`t broken the Data Protection Act. The fact that the FO advises of travel to a certain place has no bearing on that.
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My permission was given for use at a certain embassy not the one they used. They have filled out forms and signed them with out my consent.
If they have forged your signature then that's a criminal offence. Is this a mistake or intentional on their part?

And do they need you to have a visa for the second country.
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It was intentional on theiir part. We can not enter the country with out a visa
I fail to see why an application for a second visa would upset you. You have already consented to going to the first country and they cannot force you to go anywhere else (or even the first if you change your mind) that you don't want to go. Employers will be inclined to look for various ways to make use of their employees, some of which the employee will feel less happy about than others. As an employee you will from time to time have to weigh up whether what is required of you is acceptable against the rewards. If at this stage you are thinking of invoking against your employer such an odious issue as Data Protection questions you are presumably unhappy about other much more significant matters - or just feeling unhappy in general (maybe not just work). Have a think as to whether you should be considering leaving your current employment, and all that implies and entails.
It sounds unlikely that they will have signed your name - more likely a statement that you have authorised them to apply for a visa - which you did

How specific was your authority and verbal or in writing?

I doubt if there's any breach of the DPA in any event. In general terms they have the right to hold your data and use it for the purposes of your employment with them
well here's the site:

and you can have many happy hours on it.
and yes from what you have said they have used your data for apurpose which you didnt give permission and so they have misused your data.

(It is one of the Data principles see the site)

There are also rules about cross border transmission of data
which they seem to have disobeyed

Thing is what can you do about it ?
well not much... really.

I dont think there is much in this unless you want to change your job in which case it really is quicker to resign...

however I dont agree with Dzug that an employer can use your data however they like if they employ you - see the site again.

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Passports And Data Uk Data Protection Act

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