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cameliaheartfelt | 20:41 Thu 27th Feb 2014 | Law
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I own a property that I rent out. Every year I pay a management fee which is usually due at the beginning of the year. I did not receive a letter/ invoice and only received a letter from creditors last week demanding payment plus their fees. I called them and they said that I couldn't speak to the management company and could only deal with them. They said an invoice was sent out on 21st dec, a Saturday? They emailed a copy of all my payments and sent a copy of the invoice. The bill is for £106 then there is a reminder letter for £21 then a land registry fee, maybe a search for me? for £21 then another fee for reminder letter received last week then their fee of £76. This means that I have to find another £170 on top of the bill itself which seems extortionate! They say they cannot remove the charges. I did not receive a first reminder letter either only the one last week. I am having mail redirected from the address so can only assume that something has gone awry. This Ends next week so I am lucky to have found out about this now.I did not realise I hadnt notified them of my new address but the redirection should cover this. So all I can gather is that the bill must have got lost in the Christmas post and then the reminder letter didn't get redirected but tenant says no post there for me. The threat is that if I don't pay then they will notify my mortgage company, why? And i assume more fees will go on the longer I don't pay. So where do I stand? Should I get my solicitor involved? Are Royal Mail at fault? All my bills have been paid on time in the past which is reflected on my statement of account.


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pay it
I'm not sure whether your use of a questionmark in the sentence "They said an invoice was sent out on 21st dec, a Saturday?" suggests you don't believe they sent it.
Unless the contract requires them to obtain proof of postage I think that as it's a regular annual bill it will be difficult to challenge it. Also, if the charges are in line with an agreement you signed then it may be difficult to argue against them, unless a legal person advises the terms may be unfair. if the late payment charges aren't in the agreement then you could challenge them.
It may be something to just put down to experience
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So how can it affect my mortgage?
Did you inform your mortgage company that you were letting the property out? You are supposed to do so unless you have a Buy to Let Mortgage.
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Yes, have a buy to let mortgage and they know.
OK well that's good but they will not be happy if you have not paid your Management Fees and that's why the debt collector is threatening to tell them. Pay it and put it down to experience. You can't afford not to.
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So a solicitor couldn't help me with this?
It is doubtful they could help and it would add to your costs.

Always advisable for regular payments to have a calendar set up, so alarm bells ring if the invoice doesn't come through.
I don't suppose the management company is Marlborough House is it?

I can never remember if slander is written, or is it libel? I'll just say, not the easiest of companies to work with.
I think that your mortgage company may pay it and charge you if it can affect the security that they have in the property they will do it with ground rent I don't know if it is the same
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It's a lot of money to throw at the wall when you haven't received notification and haven't really got it. No, it isn't that company, it's a company with 3 letters in it but not in this order gmr. Was aware it was due but sometimes they are behind with going to auditors so just waited.
It's annoying I know but the main problem was that you hadn't notified them of your new address.
If you had a paid redirection service with Royal Mail you could complain to them I suppose
how much do you think a solicitor will be if you can't afford £170?
//Was aware it was due but sometimes they are behind with going to auditors so just waited.//

If you knew that it was due, why didn't you contact the management company? It would have to be paid sometime, you've only compounded the situation, therefore pay the increased bill and set up a reminder for future years.
Well they sent out the creditors letter pretty quickly didn't they!

Fight it and the costs will rise. Pay it and set a reminder.

As an aside £106 for a years maintenance is pretty good. I wish mine had been that low when I had a flat. :)
Grit your teeth and pay it

I found maintenance companies useless ( not yours) and run my tenanted houses myself - because it turned out I was doing so anyway

but if you are not in a position to do so I think you have to pay...

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