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LewPaper | 05:10 Tue 13th Oct 2015 | Civil
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Can the executors of a Will then refuse to be so if the beneficiaries are changed?


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You can refuse to be an executor regardless. You don't need a reason.
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Even when they had previously agreed to be?
yup, you can refuse to be an executor at any time for no reason, even after the person has died.
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Thanks chair and woof. I find that very surprising so I'm so glad I asked. Thanks very much. I'm in your debt.
Lew, in case you don't read all the link, the only thing that can cause a problem is if you have begun to act as executor and then change your mind. Its still not impossible to remove yourself but much harder, even if there is another executor(s) who is/are agreeable for you to remove yourself. There may also be legal costs involved in doing this which cannot be taken directly out of the estate (personal knowledge)
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Thanks again woof. Now how good are you in digging up my garden, darning, cooking and housework? If pushed I could even lend a hand ;)
ha ha I am expert at all of those and you can't afford me :)
As a matter of interest, are you saying the beneficiaries are being changed before, or after, the death of the testator, and who is changing them?

25 odd years ago when my father died a cousin was one nominated executor and the solicitor who wrote the will another. Neither wanted to do it, the solicitor presumably because there wasn't enough in it for him to bother and, my cousin knew nothing about it whatsoever until I told him. They both agreed that I could do it and I did. Exactly the same thing happened two years later when my mother died.
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Hooooo you little tease
yes deffo

and funnily enough finding the decd estate is in debt is a commonish reason they say

( in which case any of the creditors can apply to administer they say again all this is a bit technical )

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Executors Of A Will

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