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palmerlaura75 | 07:13 Fri 09th Oct 2015 | Civil
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I share a passageway that runs the full length of my and my neighbours property and goes to our back yards. for Years there has been issues with him leaving this in a state. His dogs defecate in the ginnel, he leaves ladders, rubbish, bins and building rubbish in the bin. This has resulted in many arguments. We have even pasted formal letter to him about this. He will then be good for a few month and it will start again! what can I do about this? should it not be kept clear as it is Shared access and potential exit in case of fire etc.? it is starting to drive me and my hubby mental!


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The starting point for you is to look in your property title to find out what your ownership actually is, and what your obligations are also. His are probably similar, and you can check this also.
You may be correct about not leaving equipment in there, but trying to use the fire exit / access point as a legal reason won't work.

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Shared Access Ginnel

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