Pruning Council Owned Trees

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soapnumpty | 16:30 Wed 05th Jun 2013 | Civil
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Behind my house there are a number of trees (sycamores i think) on land owned by the local council. They are almost as tall as the house, and block out quite a lot of light. I contacted our local council to see if they would prune them to reduce the height but they have said no, and that I have no automatic entitlement to light in my garden/house. They have no intention of ever pruning them and said if I was to do this myself I would be liable to prosecution as they are council owned. I asked if i could approach the council to obtain their permission to prune them but was told any request would be denied.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do, or any legal argument I can use to approach the council?

The trees are 20-30ft from my house and are not protected by tree preservation orders. I just want them to be reduced in height, not removed.

Many thanks.


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If you own your property, it's my understanding that you can cut back overhanging branches which encroach on your property but you have to offer the cuttings back to the owner(s)
I suggest contacting your local councillor -explain the situation and the response received to date.
what is the use of the land that these trees are on? Is it a public park or a school field? Why does the council need the trees to stay there? It does cost quite a lot to have trees removed but if they are so big they have beenhere a good few years, what is so important with them that the council say they won't maintain them to a reasonable height? if it was trees on your property and your neighbour complained the council would certainly ask you to prune your trees.
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Thanks for your replies. The land is just recreational for public use. There is a road, then about 100ft of trees with a path running through it, then the houses, including mine. The trees are there to mask some of the traffic noise, and just to give the area a bit of greenery. The council do have a maintenance programme in place to prune the ones against our boundary fence every 5 years to stop them overhanging, but it's the ones further back which are getting a bit out of control & the council have no intention of maintaining those.

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Pruning Council Owned Trees

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