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dan no1 | 19:52 Sun 29th Jul 2007 | Jobs & Education
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Having read the 'have your say' part of answerbank - "A jobless couple have been given an 8-bedroom detached house for nothing and receive �44,000 a year in benefits despite not working for many years (they earn more by not working) � what do you think about the UK's benefit system?", it just makes me so mad. i have been out of a job since 5th july and after being unsuccessful at finding another so far (and running out of money) i turned to the jobcentre. i went for my interview on friday to see how much i was entitled to, to help with my money and i'm probably gonna get �46 a FORTNIGHT. i think its disgusting. i'm 21. i've worked since i was 15 (in the same job). i now have a degree and i feel like its been wasted at the moment. i desparatly want/need and job, and i dont think that most people that go and sign on do, cos at �44,000 for doing frig all why would you?!


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Become a muslim. You will get a mobile phone, a leather jacket and probably about �500 per week.
I think many people feel the same as you ande recently I met a very intelligent woman who had worked hard all her life, raised and supported hger 2 daughters after her husband died and she had told her girls not to bother working and getting a job she advised them to get pregnant and get houses as she didn't see the point of working hard anymore when her next door neighbour lived in an identical house and didn't work. She was deadly serious too.

However I wish you the very best getting another job - it may not be fair but at least you can hold your head high.
True, but is it worth getting slagged off and discriminated for the rest of your life? No.

Simpler solution, move in with your parents.
The right job will happen for you, jobseekers allowance is a means to an end, okay it is a cr@ppy amount but its not forever, put your efforts into getting a job, cast a critical eye over your CV for any improvements, sign on with a gazillion agencies.

you are still young so use all the avenues of help avaliable and you will get there!
I found the same when I was made redundant 5 years ago. The guy at the job centre was shocked when I said that it was a waste of time applying as the money would not keep the family in milk and yoghurts never mind anything else. I was the main breadwinner and had a 2 kids under two. I couldn't claim anything else other than job seekers without declaring what my children had in their bank accounts which I refused to do. It was absolutely sickening considering I had worked since I had left school 19 years previously. In the end I didn't claim anything then had a huge battle with the tax man after I started a new job a few months later to try to convince them that I had not been earning for those months when I wasn't working. I have always worked for what I have, I have saved for what I wanted to buy, I suppose that I could have blown all my money and the kids money on crap and holidays then I would have been entitled to more benefits, but in the end is it worth it? I least I have the satisfaction of never having taken anything when I didn't need it. The only pain is that I haven't left more money in the system for those who really need it, I have given more to people abusing the system. It is abundantly clear that the money seldom gets used for the purpose that the system was set up for. Anyway, try not to be bitter and focus on being positive because that way you will get a job more easily - no-one want's to employ someone who is bitter and disaffected. Hope something comes along soon.

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