IT Jobs

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IT Jobs

One of the most important sectors of any business, IT is an area that is required in almost every workplace in the UK and IT professionals are always in great demand.

A highly skilled profession, an IT expert is capable in a number of computer related areas, from basic computer maintenance, software setups and networking to programming, website construction and advanced IT solutions.

As the internet continues to grow so do the roles for IT professionals who are required to build and maintain websites for ecommerce. As the presence of IT has grown so to have the overall salaries in the sector with entry level IT professionals earning up to £27,000.

IT Jobs cover a number of different areas, with many people specialising in just one rather than having knowledge of all of them. Here are just a few:

•    IT Programmer
•    IT Consultant
•    Technical Support
•    Web Designer
•    Software Development
•    IT Maintenance
•    Networking Solutions

Career progression within the IT sector can be a lot slower than other areas. This comes down to a distinct lack of structure within a lot of smaller businesses. In most cases an IT professional is hired for the purpose of taking on a particular task and require little to no management as they are the ones with the knowledge and skill in the area. This can result in slow progression within certain companies, but many now offer comprehensive training schemes to their employees to further their career.

As technology is always advancing so to should an IT professional’s technical knowledge of their sector. By keeping up to date with IT trends, new hardware and software and other advancements you can ensure that you keep up with your employer’s demands.

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