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car6 | 23:57 Mon 23rd Jun 2008 | Insurance
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can anyone tell me how long it takes for car accident claims to be settled ?
it was straight forward claim, i was waiting to go on roundabout when hit from behind, obviously not my fault.
have been waiting 13month now.
should it take this long and is there a max time time limit ?


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when i was hit in september 2006, my car was completely written off and i received the money from my own insurance company for the car itself. with regards to receiving money from the third party's insurance company it took nearly 22 months for them to repay my insurance company (accident was not my fault as i am sure reading your story the case is the same). if your talking about personal injury, mine is still going on. you need to ring your insurance company or solicitor and ask them for an update.
5 years and 2 months for my no-fault accident
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thanks PLIVELY34
ive not got an injury claim, its just that my premiums went up �500 and i lost some no claims.
i understand this is standard practice even when not at fault. but will they refund me when claim is sorted ?
very similar to my accident, my car was written off on a roundabout, hit from behind. he admitted liability straight away.. and 4� years later I got my money!

I think it depends on how good your legal people are, and how complex the case is. I had cr*p solicitors and had to keep geeing them up, plus I had an eye injury so there were medical tests, etc.

keep nudging them and good luck!
Your insurance should no go up until it is due for renewal. Mine didn't go up at all and because the third party was at fault and full costs were being recovered for them my no claims discount was not affected. if your insurance company has put up your premium straightaway i would be seriously questioning them
another point. I tell you what i would do - go on the internet and search for a new insurance company. They will of course ask for details of any previous claims so do provide them stating third party was at fault and recovery is outstanding. I have found there is no difference in price here than there would be for someone who is enquiring without any claims. try it and see ya never know!
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Thanks PLIVELY34
the trouble was the accident happened the same week as renewal, anyway i've been on to them since your email and got some positive feedback. got to ring again on Monday.
will let you know what happens

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