Car accident, settled without insurers

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MrPahoehoe | 11:23 Tue 24th Jun 2008 | Insurance
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Hi, I've had a very minor accident: I ran into the back of someone when they stalled pulling out of a junction.

I know I'm at fault, because I went into them and am trying to get it settled without the insurers, as it'll probably be cheaper than the cost of my excess, let alone the loss of 'no-claims' and the increase in my premium.

What do I need to do? I've asked them to tell me how much the works will cost. If I pay them with a cheque, then can I just handwrite a receipt, is this enough?

Thanks for any help, but can you please reply as soon as possible cos i'm getting a call this afternoon.....


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request a reciept, from them ,,,,and see it itemised on the reciept , that you gave them a cheque , for "crash repairs " ..... seetled with out insurers involved ,,,,, when the y do pay the cheque , in ,,,,,when it is drawn , on your bank aacount, as you know , thats additional proof , that you pais the other party , ni lieu of crash repairs ...
ask them to get quotes from 2 garages. YOU pick the one to do the work, and pay the garage direct
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Cheers for the really quick replies! I've had two quotes back and they're both a lot more than I was expecting: double the excess. Guess I've got to decide if the loss of 2 years no-claims and a hike in premium is worth it, but I think it'll have to go through the insurers now anyway.

Anyone got any further advice?

Thanks again!
trying to sort things out like this is always risky , until its estimated properly its always difficult to know the exact damage & costs..I know its only a minor rear end but there is always the possibility that whip lash could be mentioned at a later date, it happens..
This happened to me a few years back. Someone hit me who was uninsured ( I found out later). They worked at a solicitors and even though it was no way my fault I received a letter saying that their client wanted to settle without insurance and I had to get 3 quotes and THEY would choose the quote! I am assuming that their solicitor wasnt trying it on but you never know.

I got 3 quotes and obviously wanted the work completed by the Vauxhall garage I bought the car from (car was 2 years old). I had to have it done at a local garage who was the cheapest. I think I was naive.

The upside of this was the garage was owned by a friend of the family and I got a free tank of petrol, new tyres and service thrown in!!!! LOL

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Car accident, settled without insurers

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