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House Insurance.....beware Of Big Hikes.....

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ToraToraTora | 11:12 Mon 29th Apr 2024 | Insurance
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Che TTT is up for renewal in about a week. Last year it was £278, the renewal quote was £436! Having a Turkish (Tesco). So Went on to the comp sites. £207 from Aviva(Norwich Union), defacto 5*, luvly jubbly! That's not even the cheapest, I didn't like the look of the one for £197.😁Please with that result!



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Same with car insurance. It always pays to shop around 

If anything goes up by that amount, get straight onto the comparison sites.

You should know by now, everything goes up under the Tories.

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Poverty levels

Soup kitchen numbers


Directors' bonuses

MP's salaries/expenses

Numbers of potholes in  our roads

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The increase in premiums is not the big problem with insurance companies. The big problem comes if/when you need to make a claim. At that stage the insurance company will do everything it can to show that it isn't liable and you are not covered. 

They want your premiums but not your claims. You aint covered mate! 

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Thankfully I last had to claim in 1992 and they paid out approx £5k though they did wiggle!

We've never claimed on house insurance 

Lucky you.

I have only claimed once, in 1983.  Mrs YMB mk1 set the kitchen on fire!

I've been with Aviva for a couple of years for House Ins TTT.

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House Insurance.....beware Of Big Hikes.....

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