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Recieved A Speeding Ticket. Im Doing The Speeding Awareness Course But My Renewal Is Next Week

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Al12 | 10:34 Fri 23rd Oct 2015 | Insurance
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So im 19 and my cheapest price with 1 year ncb is £810
And thats over the phone with elephant
Now yesterday i recieved a speeding notice through my door just before my renewal

Elephant happen to be underwritten by admiral the only company in the uk who asks and raises premiums based on if you have been to a SAC
And can spike premiums by 50%!!

Now my first question is i recieved this notice yesterday and have 95 days to send it back and apply for the SAC. So do i by legal terms do i have an sp50 as its not on my licence yet? And i know im going sign up for the SAC
So when its motoring convictions technically i dont have it yet but i do?

and also if i buy that elephant price through compare the market it doesnt ask me for any details about a SAC with that same price with elephant ? So could i blag that?


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Technically you don't have the conviction yet, but I believe you have a duty to inform your insurance company once you do have one

Top tip: if you are buying insurance through a comparison site, it is worth noting the price and then going to the insurers own website. Not always, but sometimes you will find going to the insurer direct can save you £20-£30
Even though I'm in a different country I've found after checking the "internet" prices a phone call can quite often result in a lower premium.
just ask them. If it doesn't make a difference, great. If it does make a difference, you need to know otherwise in the event of a claim you may find yourself un-insured because you failed to disclose mateial facts
you don't have a ticket or a SAC yest, therefore you are not lying. When you do have either then you are supposed to notify them, for now say nothing and renew as quoted.
Diversing here - if you get a speeding ticket and you pay it of course - do you lose points.
i before e except after c
if you get a speeding ticket you gain points.
I thought all motorists had 12 points then if they have been naughty - points were taken away.
Jenny, You start off with 0 points and accumulate them with each 'naughty' offence. 12 can mean you get banned but it depends on the hourly rate you pay your Barrister.
I hope you haven't got 12 points and you have been driving around thinking what a good girl you are. :-)
dont put the blink on me - no points and have been a good girl except for that bloody bus lane.
so if you thought everyone had 12, how did you think you arrived at 0 then?
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You need to check what you are being asked.

Firstly, a SAC (or indeed a Fixed Penalty) does not count as a conviction. So if you are being asked about convictions and FPs only, a SAC does not have to be mentioned. However, if you are being asked about convictions, FPs and SACs you need to find out whether you need to mention those you have already done (presumably none in your case) or those you have done and/or those pending. Furthermore, many insurers now ask you to declare any convictions, FPs or SACs which occur during your policy period (i.e. any you are penalised with between renewal dates) and not just wait for renewal. You need to check all these things.

On a general note, whilst you may get away with obtaining a policy or a renewal without making full declarations you will not if you have an accident - particularly one involving personal injury - that costs a few bob to settle (which is, after all, the very point of having insurance). You may find yourself uninsured if you have made a false or incomplete declaration. So a good rule is “if in doubt – declare it”. It may cost you a few bob extra but it will save you a shedload if you have a shunt.

On another general note I assume what you have received a “Notice of Intended Prosecution” (NIP) asking you to name the driver at the time of the alleged offence. A speeding action - whether dealt with by a SAC, a FP or inn court - cannot proceed until this has been completed because the authorities do not know the identity of the driver. NIPs are usually accompanied by a conditional offer of either a fixed penalty or a SAC if either is appropriate. If you have not already done so YOU MUST complete and return the request for driver’s details within 28 days. If you do not you will be charged under Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act (Failing to Provided Driver’s detail). This is a more serious offence and carries six penalty points. If you passed your test less than two years ago six points will see your licence revoked. You will revert to provisional status and have to take both parts of your driving test again. Do not wait for 95 days if you have not done this.

Jennyjoan – If you’re not a driver you’re excused. But if you are I’m appalled. You need to read Section 5 of the Highway Code.
You MUST declare any offence or POTENTIAL offence. So you have to declare the speeding ticket !
If you do not do so the insurance will be void and you will be guilty of driving without insurance.
If the company take the speeding into account in assessing your renewal is up to them, but you MUST declare any potential conviction that you are aware of when you ask for a renewal quote.
TTT is WRONG !!! you are aware of the speeding ticket and MUST declare it ! . Even if the case went to court and you were found not guilty you need to declare it now and sort it out after the case
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no Eddie, you do not have to declare a "potential" offence, how ridiculous, any offence is potential.
She's received a speeding notice. That's not potential, it's fact.
The word you're looking for may be 'pending'.
she could plead not guilty, and be acquitted, she is not convicted.

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Recieved A Speeding Ticket. Im Doing The Speeding Awareness Course But My Renewal Is Next Week

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