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Bazile | 21:03 Mon 21st Mar 2011 | Insurance
10 Answers
Is anyone on here with the above company for car insurance ?

What is their customer service like ?


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I was with them when they were Norwich Union, I found them expensive.
I went with Aviva for my car insurance simply because they were the cheapest by far. I applied online and haven't had the need to speak with anyone ( and hopefully won't). Website is easy to use and checking your profile and details online is fine. Hope this helps even though i didn't answer your question.
The trouble with reviews is that it is usually only the disgrntled that post on them - particularly when it comes to insurance which seems to be everyones pet hate ! Aviva are like most big companies, if you get the local idiot at the call centre you are sunk - in the main though their staff do try to help. I find the culture differences sometimes cause problems when stuck with the overseas call centres but then most insurers use them these days and again the staff are usually polite and do try to help. If you hit a brick wall (no pun intended) then be calm and polite and insist on speaking to a supervisor.
A look at Which? site shows that customer scores and claims satisfaction are both way below average for Aviva.
Been with Aviva for some while. At this year's renewal shopped around for competitive quotes. Saga came in £400 cheaper on an 'apples for apples' basis.
Had a complete write-off claim with Aviva 4 years ago and although they settled in full and provided a brand new car, the process was long winded and took over six weeks.
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I'm with Aviva but through a broker, I haven't made any claims recently but had two in short space of time about three years ago (one no fault, other party insurance paid it, the other was my fault, no-one else involved). Absolutely no problems with either of them directly, though the broker largely dealt with it.

The one that wasn't my fault was held up a little by their insurance (Royal Sun Alliance I think) not issuing authorisation for repairs to the bodyshop for days though which was a bloody pain.
A work colleague is currently having a nightmare with them regarding a bogus insurance claim against her which took place at the same time her car was having it's MOT
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