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rabies9628 | 18:26 Sat 27th Jan 2007 | How it Works
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I have a gravity fed conventional central heating system which works perfectly, however the hot water does not get hot. I have bled the radiators and they are all hot top and bottom. Could there be an air lock in hot water system and if so how do I clear this as there are no bleeding valves on any of the hot water pipes.
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Hi Rabies,

There is an automatic 3 way valve in the system, this is next to your hot water cylinder. Although automatic it can me moved by hand. Move it a few times to ensure that it is not sticking, I'm sure that the problem lies within the valve.

You could also try the thermostat which is strapped to the hotwater tank which operates a motorised valve. It could be stuck off.

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No hot water

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