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Dishwasher Not Working

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Cloverjo | 21:06 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | How it Works
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My dishwasher (Statesman FDW9P Slimline) starts up, accepts hot water, flashes its lights and makes a bit of noise for about an hour or so and empties the water. The dishes are still dirty and the dishwasher tablet is spat out.

Should I get a person in to investigate or just buy a new dishwasher? I've got my eye on one for £229

Thank you




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Is it old?

Does it show an error code? It could be as simple as clearing the filter ...

 Which cycle are you running it on?Have you tried running it on a different one. 

Buy a new one. We got someone in (different appliance) who spent ages, stripping it down, testing it etc, then said it wasn't worth fixing. Cost us a lot of money - for nothing. Learnt something. Wouldn't ever do it again.

The original instruction book (leaflet?) might have a troubleshooting section.

Dishwasher Not Working. Why has he gone to the pub😉

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I've tried all the cycles twice. I've tried all the trouble-shooting bit of the manual. 
It's 8 years old. I think that's my answer, isn't it?

It's just old


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Thanks, dustypuss. My other non dishwasher went to bed some time ago 😀

I'd turn it off, give it a really good clean, check no pipes are blocked and if it doesn't work order a new one.  

Do you run a dishwasher cleaner through it once a month (when its empty), and top up the salt and rinse aid?

Buy a new one

Question Author

Thank you all for the replies. I think I'll just get a new one

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Dishwasher Not Working

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