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Random_hero | 02:26 Sun 28th Jan 2007 | How it Works
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im with an amazing girl. we have lots in common, we seem to suit each other a lot and i think im falling in love. thing will i know when im in love?? people say 'you will know', but it doesnt realy tell me anything. please people. tell me your definitions of love.


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love is when you think of that special someone you get butterflies inside.
Trust me,you will know when its love.

Also,have you started listening to ballads and have no apetite yet ?!
What's the difference between love and obsession?
I know its lame, but you will know when you are in love.
when you value her well being more than your own. That, and when your willing to forgive her the thing that irritates you the most about her without feeling as if you've had to compromise!

Enjoy the momment, they pass too quickly. I think that you can only know something approaching an answer on this question retrospectively as love, eclipses all other emotions. Except jelousy...sometimes! Have fun.

It is , unfortunatly, difficult to tell. The divorce rate proves that. Most of the things you are told to look for actually deal more with lust. Don't get me wrong, I approve wholeheartedly of a little lust ,but love lasts longer. Take your time, have fun, and good luck.
well, for me it didn't feel like any other relationship i had ever had and I didnt have to change anything for that person to have a happy relationship. I felt comfortable telling them anything and it was like we had already knew each other for a long time. also we never get mad at each other and laugh alot which is important because if you get mad over little things then your relationship is not healthy and is immature. if you are really in love then your extremely lucky because i think people can have "puppy" or caring love but only really lucky people get true love that never runs out.
I got butterflies, and had a woozy feeling in the head, and the world seemed somehow a little bit unreal. Sounds marvellous doesn't it?
"Love", as the word is commonly used, doesn't really exist, sad to say. It's just how we describe humans' animalistic lust but in an acceptable way. More important in a relationship is permanence and mutual support, eg by family ties or by marriage (preferable to etc); once you've those, true love follows marriage (does not precede it) and therefore measures how much your spouse thinks of you (not vice-versa).

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