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Echo Dot Alexa

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elliemay1 | 15:24 Tue 19th Mar 2024 | How it Works
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My husband has just bought an Echo Dot Alexa from Amazon but is having difficulty getting it set up! It says to ''Download the alexa app from your app store.'' Does this have to be done on his phone or can you do it on the laptop?



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Not only can it listen, it must. Now there is some debate as to what is actually recorded and apple are indeed very non committal about this but what do you think a companly that's prime commodity is information is going to do? Here is just one example of the data being utilised:


ellie, I have worked in IT all my life and I would not have one in the house.

^...and what has "apple" got to do with it?

apologies I meant Amazon, same answer for all such devices though. Their companies make gazillions selling data on our habits.

Here's an experiment to try. "Alexa where can I buy a nurgle spurtle flunker?" - You will soon then start to get varous communications from the purveyors of NSFs.

TTT, I have heard that said many times and have tested it often - it hasn't happened once.  Not on the Amazon sites, not on my Kindle nor in my emails. Not once.

Ellie, you have to say 'Alexa'



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Thank you barry x

Brilliant to use a radio so clear especially when we have a bad signal where we are. We get all radio stations on it. 

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