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Donating To Charity?

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NoseyNose | 22:21 Wed 28th Feb 2024 | How it Works
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I want to donate online to a Charity.

I don't want to get involved with the banks fraud dept,as I did last month when I paid £1,500 in back rent,and had to go through a long proceedure with the bank's Fraud Section(It was good though that they were looking after my account)

I am hoping that as it is a one off payment to a Charity,it will just go through.If there is a problem, I can give the head of the charity a cheque(what's that!LOL)

I have tried to ask someone(a human being)at NatWest if there will be a problem,but after pressing 9 different options,I still get automated responses.It's very frustrating.

Any advice/suggestions,very welcome



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Send a cheque, payable to the charity.  I used to write on the back : in memory of my dear friend xxxxxxxxx even though the charity wouldn't see it, (and they would just get the payment).

With Santander I go to payments and transfers.  I enter the name of the charity, their account number and sort code. Always found this the easiest way, but sometimes still get a question about fraud. 

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I think that I will give the Charity representative a cheque.I do see him (he lives not far away) about every other month,so that would be easier!


To avoid all the possible fraud business,I think that I will write a cheque.

Thank You all.

it may be the size of the sum that brought in the Spanish inquisition; I don't usually have problems with small sums. Sometimes they want to check when the money's going to a new recipient, but it's usually just a matter of them sending a code, not of a full-scale interview.

They may well be looking out for money laundering as well as fraud.

Nosey.  Nat West has a special telephone service where people ovef 60 can get straight through  quickly.. and they will handle any problems you have and do it for you if you ask.  I'm happy to give you that number.  I use them a lot.

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Oh yes please,that number would be great.

Thank You.

Re Nat West

How to contact us

We have a dedicated support line set up for customers who are over 60.

It's managed by a dedicated team of Customer Care experts and is open from 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week.

Call us on: 0800 051 4176 (overseas +44 800 051 4176)

Relay UK: 18001 0800 051 4176

Our Customer Care experts will also be able to help guide you through how to register for our online and mobile banking services if you need support.

Thanks Maydup

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Thanks for the link,I shall ring it,and report back!

OK, I'm sure everyone is doing the right thing, but please just be very cautious about bank phone numbers on the web.

Natwest's website has to be super secure, probably a lot more secure than Answerbank's website.

So it would be easier for a hacker to hack Answerbank's website and change the phone number, than to change Natwest's website and change the phone number.

Unlikely but possible, especially in older threads. Please be cautious ... you always have to be on your guard.

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Thank You for the warning,much appreciated

I have spoken to the head of the (small) Charity,and he has confirmed that he is happy with a cheque.So problem solved.

Now,we will have youngsters on AB saying,WHAT is a cheque!LOL

Kind Regards,Gordon.

Ellipsis, that number is advertised by Nat West if you google, for all to see,and you do have to go through a very safe procedure.

You don't have to bo on their website to get it.

> Ellipsis, that number is advertised by Nat West if you google, for all to see,and you do have to go through a very safe procedure.

You don't get it. If that number is changed on Answerbank later this evening, by a hacker, then it won't be the same number any more. And now you've told everyone that it is, and people may trust that. The point is that you can't trust bank details on a low-security website.

OK so Maydup  and me should have just advised Gordon to lòok for that number on Google? I didn't get number from Nat West.  Anybody could find it.  Its no different from looking up Nat Wests customer service number.  

How can I put it ... if you look at this page tomorrow, and instead of the post at 01:46 saying ...

Call us on: 0800 051 4176 (overseas +44 800 051 4176)

... as it does now, it said (changed by a hacker) ...

Call us on: 0800 123 4567 (overseas +44 800 123 4567)

... that demonstrates the problem.

i just ring the charity of mmy choice and say I wanna geev dem loolah. They capeeshi prestissimo.

Make sure you state clearly that you want to do it under gift aid. ( 25% tax uplift)

send it in two transactions.... a cheque does give a record for tax claiming on either side....

Ellipsis. I understand that, but would hackers go through all theprocedures that you go through to prove its you, like voice or face recognition. I suppose they could pretend to!

Anyway Gordon, I'm pleased its sorted.

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