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degreen2014 | 16:19 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | How it Works
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Does anybody out there know how to get rid of the symbols in You Tube shorts.



Thank you 



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I see no 'symbols'!


Sorry. I thought I was helping.

^^^ You probably did, Bookbinder!

Hijoshua's post, on the thread that you've linked to, is the way that I change YouTube Shorts into a form which can be embedded into AB's pages (as in my example above).

Yeah, only a short while ago I had to give up on one as the audio was not ideal, and relying on subtitles hidden behind garbage left me no option.

But the app has a number of issues, the worst I'm aware of is that the screen keyboard often won't respond for absolutely ages. So one is left trying it at regular periods while the video continues greyed out and one can't pause it by then, so the ads play and one's still waiting. Then the box to type in disappears but if you put the app in the background out of frustration the keyboard remains. Alternatively the box remains but the keyboard disappears then reappears and then that continues umpteen times. The app is seriously flawed.

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