If My Cleaner Broke Anything Of Mine While Cleaning My Flat ...

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ladybirder | 18:48 Wed 27th Apr 2022 | How it Works
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who would be responsible for paying for its replacement or repair?


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Is your cleaner employed by a company ?
They should have insurance to cover this, either for themself if self employed or the company employing them. When I was working as a home pet sitter I was insured in case I broke a ming vase or left a door unlocked and they got broken into.
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No Baz, she's self employed.

I don't suppose my home insurance covers that. I must check.

Exactly Lankeela, that's what's worrying, my Ming vase.
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I'll have to ask her if she's insured next time she comes, as I'm not.
My homeowners has a clause for damages to and be cleaners, gardener etc
she would be if she were negligent
Surely if she broke anything then she would be??
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I shall ask her next time she's here. She knocked a clock over, by accident. I realised after she'd left that it wasn't working. It's taken me a couple of days to straighten the hands so that the minute hand can pass over the hour hand without getting stuck. It's been OK today so looking good. It doesn't have glass but if it had that may have been smashed. It's a gorgeous clock, unusual and I've only had it a couple of years.
Not necessarily, Snow. No negligence if the cleaner fainted and collapsed on top of the TV or slipped on the puddle of grease you left on the kitchen floor or got knocked over by your boisterous Great Dane.
I would say I broke it and claim on my house contents policy.
Due diligence comes to mind.
i´m glad you brought this up, as i believe a lot of cleaners in Spain are paid cash in hand. So i´ll have to remember to put the ming vase in the wardrobe while shes here, lol.

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If My Cleaner Broke Anything Of Mine While Cleaning My Flat ...

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