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ukanonymous | 10:05 Fri 15th Jan 2021 | How it Works
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So our dna codes for proteins to be made by transcripting to mrna. I get that.

So mrna then codes for specific protein to be made and its displayed in the next cell and recognised as an antigen and then starts making an immune response.

What happens if for some reason the mrna codes for different proteins and causes a immune response on our own cells? Like als.

Genetic mutations happen so why can changes in mrna happen?

This has gone from putting dead virus parts in to trying to change the bodies ability to read our source code which from a programing perspective is scary


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?? I had it on 11th Dec.
Yes woofy you are correct.
sqad, I know its not your field but any comments on post vac thrombocytopenia? doesn't sound like post vac thrombocytopenia, it sounds more like a maculo-papular sin reaction to a viral injection which is not that common but well documented.
It is NOT an allergic response.
No it is not my area of expertise and I am not sure that Jourdain is in the mood for reason, so I am throwing my cards in at this point.
Sqad, I'm perfectly in the mood for reason - but I go to bed just after 10 p.m. usually and I was tired last night because I had been writing for some time. Thank you for your input. I've never heard of a maculo papular sin reaction before. He does say that it hurts. I think I'd be less worried if the young medic hadn't just suggested a bit of moisturiser. :)
No problem jourdain.
I think sqad meant "skin" and one young GP being an idiot doesn't mean they all are.....some are and I have met a few but that's another story....could you talk to your woundcare nurse, mentioning sqad's and my suggestions?
Good idea, woof. Seeing her Wednesday. Thanks.
// I would dearly love a chance to talk to a medical person who is not a 'just vaccinate' propounder//

yup I am a just vaccinate propounder - having worked at Porton. are we still at - one person has had a poss reaction
and so "this vaccine is RAT POISON!!! and we will all die - willy nilly!!"

where are we now
he had a first dose
his arm swelled ( that arm or the other one?)
and all the jaw-jaw is should HE have a second dose ?
answer: no if he doesnt want to he is llikely to be protected
more general answer - everyone else should
because no one has died from the vaccine
and people are still dying from covid

thank you for reading
Jourdain was not so much worried about the swollen arm, but about the generalised skin reaction and the systemic effects.
The "jaw jaw" involved the discussion as to its management, which was cause for concern.
excellent example of let the doctors on the spot advise

I am more anxious about people applying it to themselves and thinking that they MUST avoid the vaccine and then die from covid(*)

AB is riven, doctor, with people saying o dont do that and dont do this because it will kill your family and or the dog or both
and then we find [er they let slip froo gritted teeth] they have made sure their family is OK

yes.....unthinkable to medical men such as your good self

(*) risk aversion

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