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ukanonymous | 10:05 Fri 15th Jan 2021 | How it Works
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So our dna codes for proteins to be made by transcripting to mrna. I get that.

So mrna then codes for specific protein to be made and its displayed in the next cell and recognised as an antigen and then starts making an immune response.

What happens if for some reason the mrna codes for different proteins and causes a immune response on our own cells? Like als.

Genetic mutations happen so why can changes in mrna happen?

This has gone from putting dead virus parts in to trying to change the bodies ability to read our source code which from a programing perspective is scary


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I wouldnt worry. If you live outside the UK now (think you said in Europe somewhere- France?) you probably wont be offer'd the vaccinne this year
If you don't want the vaccine then don't have it. The person who is behind you in the queue will be very happy.
I didn't think that ALS was an autoimmune disease, I thought it was a genetic abnormality congenital or acquired.
You are correct that in very rare cases....very rare...neurological conditions have been noticed following viral vaccination. e.g Guillon-Barre Syndrome......
However, in my opinion,assessing all the negative spin offs from vaccination, it is not a realistic consideration.
I am not a Neurologist or Virologist.
This is why someone I know is dead set against having the vaccine.
Iluvemargie......if they are " dead set" against the vaccination there's little I can add.
iluvmargie "This is why someone I know is dead set against having the vaccine."
and again everyone behind them in the queue will be delighted.
I have an autoimmune disease (RA) for which I take a biological TNF T-cell suppressant which lowers the immune response. I take it sub-cut every two weeks. I can find no solid information on the suitability of the vaccine for those on this type of medication, which is targeted to supress certain T-cells in the body. Some info suggested taking it 'anyway', other info says its not been tested on those taking immune suppressants' and others saying 'ask your Consultant'. The last suggestion is particularly humorous for various reasons. So I am not going to take the vac, should it be offered, but instead continue to shield until someone can tell me for definite it's safe to take by people in my situation,
Wonder if some of these who refuse the vaccinne demand will full information on the drugs and procedures there offered if there ever in hospital for urgent treatments for corona virus, or anythink else???
My post wasnt for yours Aunt PollyGrey, at least theres some logic in your case
//////So I am not going to take the vac, should it be offered, but instead continue to shield until someone can tell me for definite it's safe to take by people in my situation,///////

I think that is a reasonable solution to your predicament.
My opinion is like that of woofs, don't want it , don't dither and don't take it ,it'll be there for the person who does want it, yesterday on our local Residents page ,this:
" My friends Mum had a mini stroke after having the vaccine"
What total Bull ***t when questioned had the Doctor confirmed that " err No, not yet, these type of wild theories are mind blowingly stupid!!!
Oh God woofgang not that comment again, it's got whiskers on it now and as far as I'm concerned, he is entitled to his opinion. I didn't ask you to add any more sqad, I was just answering the OP.
ILM , everyone is entitled to say yeah or nay , I totally I agree but I also wander what repercussions may occur later for those who don't take it , ie like travel, jobs and many more , there's a guy right now on the JV show, a plumber from Pimlico adamantly saying No jab, No Job ( his company )
I have no idea Bobbie, I was just answering the OP, now I am sorry I bothered!!
Question Author
Squad als is unknown. I know an als caregiver who got it and also met an als patient who said both his childhood friends got it. So with that information and the fact no one knows where it comes from god knows :(
iluvmargie "Oh God woofgang not that comment again, it's got whiskers on it now and as far as I'm concerned, he is entitled to his opinion. "

as am I and my opinion is that we are all entitled to make our own decisions and that every person who refuses the vaccination brings the people behind them nearer the front of the queue.

APG I don't know if this is going to be helpful or not but have you looked at this on the versus arthritis website? You might also conatct them and ask for more detail
erm yes and no

para 1 OK for a mammalian cell
para 2 first sentence OK
second doesnt follow from the first

para 3 is OK as a question - ish but veers off into autoimmune diseases where this happens but not really covid
ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is unrelated - and I think referring back to my neuropathological training, is marked by NO inflammatory response. The nerves cells are undergoing apoptosis. ( I think, not sure)

genetic changes happens. so why does it occur in mRNA
the first sentence answers the second sentence
because genetic changes happen. Clearly not one kind of change

the final sentence ( conclusion ) just shows you need to do a bit more reading. Covid doesnt have DNA ( whaaaaaat!)
It isnt a DNA virus, I know these things (*)
and if I didnt know you as a sweet grey haired old ABer I wd put dn as antifa nonsense

I was a lab rat for this, about DNA viruses - very interesting ones actually - B virus killed the King of Greece 1922 and led to
oh dear
I seem to have pitched this too high - - - again
anuvva anti vaxxer thread - foo datta surprise

as I'm concerned, he is entitled to his opinion. "
(some free speech bunny)

yeah but no but - - - does free speech extend to telling people to go to the capitol and shoot those therein?
or that kiddie porn is really quite healthy ?

or that you are not gonna have covid vacc to persuade others to follow the crazy ideas
( and then - step forward some Abers ) let on that you have had your family vaccinated

quite honestly as an old old Aber always going for common sense, no I dont think freedoms extend that far

ukanon - there is a chinese concentration camp waiting for you: aighur is quite easy to learn - eaiser than mandarin I mean
yeah but no but. Being entitled to opinions (and choices) is one thing.
being entitled to opinions is not the same as being entitled to express them willy nilly (the fire in a theatre scenario) I have opinions about some of the posters on here that would get me banned if I expressed them :)
and of course being entitled to choice also entitles you to experiencing the outcomes of that choice.

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