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888 | 18:04 Thu 04th Jun 2020 | How it Works
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Please help. My old tv has packed up. Have an unused Philips 14PT136B/05 that I’m trying to install/connect up to a digibox. All wired up ok (exchanged aerial, scart etc) but while it says that it’s searching for channels the screen is just white snow. At least on AV there is sound. What’s going on?


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Have you tried all the sources?
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As far as I’m aware though I’m probably missing the obvious
Aerial in to digi box

Optional - aerial out from digi box to aerial in on tv (if the digi box outputs via the aerial - some don't)

Digi box to tv via scart cable

Tv should use AV/EXT channel relevant to the scart socket used.

Digi box should be tuned not the tv.
If you'll be taking the signals from the digibox anyway, you shouldn't need to carry out a scan for channels on the TV. Assuming that your digibox has a Scart output (rather than just an HDMI one, as many modern boxes only have), connect a Scart lead from the digibox's output to the TV's Scart input. Then set the TV to 'Channel 0' by using the P+ or - buttons. (That selects the Scart input as the source it should use, rather than using its own built-in tuner).

Then, if you've not already done so, run a channel scan with the digibox (NOT with the TV).
See page 7 (numbere page 5) of this - tells you how to get the scart socket channel
Channel 0
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Off to have a look I may be gone some time! but let’s say it’s done, would it matter that it was never originally tuned in?
PS: I've just tried to find a date on the manual I looked at online, for an indication of how old your TV set is. On the back page it says 'Printed 95/12'.

If that means that your telly dates from around a quarter of a century ago, it was made before the changeover from analogue TV to digital. If so, it's ONLY got an analogue tuner inside it and is therefore completely REDUNDANT as a 'proper' TV. i.e. if you don't use it with a digibox, and simply plug an aerial into the relevant socket on the TV, it WON'T be able to find any channels when it scans for them, as all analogue transmitters were SWITCHED OFF by October 2012.

However it can still function as a 'monitor', for displaying the output from a digibox (or other external device, such as a DVD player), as per my post above.
>>> would it matter that it was never originally tuned in?


It's no longer a 'telly' anyway and you're not using it as one; you're solely using it as a 'monitor', which has absolutely nothing to do with the (now redundant) TV tuner that was built into it.
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Thank you for all your help. I was going to give it a final thump but it came on, working fine (touch wood). Been watching programmes older than the tv is. Do you think it is still under guarantee?!!!.

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Tuning A Tv

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