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Arrods | 14:00 Mon 09th Dec 2019 | How it Works
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As I don’t know how to post pictures, this is going to be difficult, but here goes, and bear with me! Our neighbour has discovered a ‘device’ on the floor of her garage and has asked me what is. She has no idea how it got there.

To start with, think of one of those plastic bottles that you squeeze and the liquid is pushed up into a space to allow you to administer a dose of something. (I have one for applying a neutraliser to tap water before topping up the pond.) In terms of shape, think of two clear After Eight mint boxes connected together with a gap down the middle. At the top of one is a screw top filler cap and the other what looks like a plastic nut and rubber washer. At the bottom of one of the ‘boxes’ are two electrical tabs to allow for wires to be fitted with spade connectors. When my neighbour found the ‘device’, it was filled with dirty water she thinks.
Over to you! (I wondered about car or central heating boiler-related.)


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Can you take a picture and get it onto your computer? (It's probably easier from there than from a phone).

If so, showing us a picture is an absolute doddle. You simply need to go here and click the green button.

Navigate to the location of your file and double-click on it.

When you see a thumbnail of your image, click in the 'Direct link' field, to highlight it.

Then right-click and select 'Copy'.

Return to this thread and post an answer where you simply right-click and select 'Paste' to put the link here. (It's best to put it on a line by itself).
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Thanks Buenchico. I'm just popping out but will try to do later. Watch this space!
Thanks again.
I am not that scientifically minded but I am guessing at some sort of water de ioniser for putting in car batteries.??
Obviously these are industrial deionisers but may be yours is a smaller domestic garage version.
Does ,or did,she have a pond in her garden ? I am also thinking an old filter pump with a missing separate motor.
All you need now is a mercury tilt switch . . . . . . . .
looks like its from a vehicle that would hold brake and clutch fluid
A washing machine part?
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Thanks for suggestions. I don't think it's anything to do with a car's brakes jaydj.

hc4361 - that's a good shout, or a dishwasher perhaps?
Could be, Arrods - connects to hot and cold water, I'm thinking
It sounds very much like the items may have been attached to some sort of steam vessel /boiler.
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Hmm! I've found a part number - 5110277 - and, bizarrely, a clutch master system comes up on an internet search, but then so do many others! Here's another picture which I hope shows some of the innards.

^^ OH NO, I was thinking it was glass for some reason. :0)
I was going to suggest some sort of water softener, with domestic heating being what I was concentrating on. However Z-M's post makes me think that it might be for some other situation where water 'purification' is required.

(I'm pleased that you made sense of my instructions for uploading images anyway - even if it has only resulted in us all being somewhat baffled!)
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Thanks Chris - and again for the image upload instructions, which, as you say, are a doddle.

I'll keep searching - and let you all know when (if?) I unearth anything.
Retrocop's idea of a filter for a pool or fish tank got me thinking in that direction, that it may be a part set up to produce oxygen bubbles in a fish tank, or pool. :0)
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Best suggeston - from murraymints - is that it comes from a carpet shampoo cleaner. She has something similar.

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