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Charlierooke58 | 19:56 Thu 09th Aug 2018 | How it Works
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My boyfriend owns he’s own home but wants to rent it out and live with me in my secure council house can we do that


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Before he rents out his house you need to check with the council.
yes, what he does with his private house is nowt to do with the council. Will effect your benefits though.
If it's deemed by the council to be a one person flat they might not allow a second person to live there- may be considered a sort of subletting. So you need to check. I think TTT means it might affect your benefits - assuming you are on benefits. May also affect council tax element of the rent if rent includes council tax

FF, Charlie did say

// and live with me in my secure council house //
If his home is subject to a mortgage, he may need to advise his lender as most mortgage loans are granted for "owner occupation" and he may become in breach the terms of the loan. He may also need to advise whoever insures the property and/or contents. Both mortgagee and Insurers may wish to impose conditions (eg additional interest/premium charge if they approve of the letting).
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I’m not on any Benifit I pay full rent and it’s a three bedroom house he has a mortgage and wants to rent it out and they will pay rent

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