Purple Head Board Light In Premier Inn Room....

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ToraToraTora | 20:25 Tue 15th May 2018 | How it Works
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I was in one of these rooms last Friday and could not for the life of me find the switch to turn this annoying light off. Google mentions a switch but I tried everything including removing the card that cuts everything off and it refused to budge, In the end I had to do a TTT standard solution. Any ideas anyone?


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Premier say... You can control the lighting either using our app or using the touch-screen control panel in your headboard. If you lie still for long, the lights will turn off to help conserve energy. By waving your hand, the lights will come straight back on.
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couldn't see a control panel at all, all the other lights had a switch.
Couldn't you ask the receptionist?
TTT - as Hopkirk says, why didn't you try the obvious?
Maybe the manager knew you from your Brexit, Vichy British and general gorblimey guvnor posts on here and assumed you'd like a UKIPish ambience about the place. :-)
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hopkirk/diddly it was late and I didn't want a palaver.
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Did you just remove the bulb?
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I "dismantled" the head board and disconnected it. Put it back in the morning.
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Now THAT's a palaver.
I fail to see how TTT's "standard solution" is less of a palaver than phoning down to reception and saying "How do I turn off the light?" Obviously likes to make a drams out of a non-crisis.
//phoning down to reception //

a quantity of Premier Inns don't have a reception (Geoge Square Glasgow being one I can think of straightaway). most premier inns don't have room phones so if you want to call reception, you have to use your mobile to a premium rate number.

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Purple Head Board Light In Premier Inn Room....

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