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Old-Pedro | 17:59 Wed 27th Feb 2013 | How it Works
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Why don't waterproof plasters stay on. Put one on today and it lasted about 5 minutes.
Can anyone recommend a good brand of waterproof plasters.


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i only ever find the old type plasters that stay put, the elasterplast type.
The others always fall off,
I find waterproof plasters make my skin go horrible.

I just buy sensitive skin plasters, and replace them regularly.
The problem is that waterproof plasters need to be made of a non-elastic material (otherwise they wouldn't be waterproof) but, as we move our bodies, our skin is constantly stretching and contracting.

I won't buy waterproof plasters; I only use the 'stretch fabric' ones. If I need to cover a wound with a waterproof dressing, I'll use a Melolin dressing (shiny side down, of course) and hold it on with stretch fabric tape.
savlon do a waterproof plaster they are called Advanced plasters for faster healing and they really work. My husband put one on his toe two days ago, has had two showers in the last couple of days and the plaster is still on. These plasters are also waterproof and breathable and helps stop further bleeding.
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How much are the Savlon waterproof plasters. Do Boots sell them ?
I only use plasters that have a piccy of Donald Duck on them so it doesn't matter if they get wet.
It can be a right pain. I cut my finger on a sharp knife whilst washing up this morning, and to finish washing up meant I had to put about 3 plasters on, and keep stopping to change the plasters! The only truely waterproof ones I have ever had I bought in the States. They have so many good things over there that we just can't buy here.
old-pedro just looked them up and it says 24 plasters for £1.94p
I've bought finger plasters in Sainsbury's that have one side much longer then the other so that they wrap around.
None of them work IMO, even ordinary plasters don't stay put even if kept dry. When I was a child those stretchy elastoplast things never came off even when you wanted them to and left that yukky sticky gunk on your skin for days.

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