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Getting Baked On Stuff Off Of One Of My Favourite Cooking Pans ...

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chokkie | 07:18 Thu 11th Jan 2024 | Home & Garden
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Morning folks, I'm having the devil of a job persuading a load of burnt on apple stuff, off one of my so-called "non-stick" pans.  Have probably tried everything so far .... soaking overnight with Steradent tablets and a dishwasher tablet, using one of those proprietary pan cleaners - have got a lot of the burnt on stuff off, but there's still a load.  Short of putting the pan in the bin, can anyone please suggest some way in which I can get this pan usable again, please?  Cheers, Chox.



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Have you tried covering the bottom of the pan with warm water and scrubbing it with a dishwasing tablet?

If baking powder and white vinegar don't work I smear the pan with fairy liquid, add water, and boil it on the hob for as long as I can. The odd scrape with a brush while it boils away helps too. Try that... but don't leave the pan unattended as it bubbles over.

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thanks for all your suggestions, folks - and, yes, I've tried soaking in hot water and a dishwasher tablet, but whilst it takes off a few bits, it wasn't very successful.  The bits of burnt apple is seriously burnt on!  But will give the other suggestions a try!  Cheers, everyone, appreciate your help.  Chox.

Boiling water and bio laundry detergent, leave over night rinse and repeat if necessary.    

Did you try scubbing with the dishwasher tabet in your hand, not soaking?

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oh, thanks for the suggestion re bio laundry detergent, usually use non-bio,but will get a small pack of it .... thanks.

cheap bottle of coke, bring to the boil, simmer and then leave to cool overnight

Somewhere at the back of my mind is salt and vinegar.


Boil rhubarb in it 

Good idea with the rhubarb, it leaves my pans sparkly 

I put a dishwasher tab and a little boiling hot water in the pot and leave it for a couple of hours.  Works a treat.

I just boil  water in the pan with table salt in it.

Boil the pan with water and fabric conditioner, but keep agitating the stained bit from time to time.

Hob cleaner may work - but rinse well afterwards.

Vinegar and bicarb may also work.

You could also try cutting an onion in half and frying that in the pan with some oil.

Could it be that the "non-stick" coating has had it's day...was the "apple stuff" at a very high temperature? Non-stick coatings do not like high temperatures and don't last forever!

Treat yourself to a new one.

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Getting Baked On Stuff Off Of One Of My Favourite Cooking Pans ...

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