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Putting Ceramic Tiles On Wood

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johnk | 08:40 Sun 07th Jan 2024 | Home & Garden
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I'm tiling ceramic tiles on wood and the adhesive says to seal the wood first,  What do I seal the wood with, PVA, paint, varnish?   Anyone done the sucessfully ?



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It isn't critical, but I wouldn't use anything with a gloss finish, if you use paint better use undercoat. PVA would be OK but not if the tile adhesive you're using is water-based.

I have a section of tiles over plywood in my bathroom. I'm pretty sure the wood wasn't sealed & the tiles have stuck ok for at least 15 years. Better safe than sorry though!


Tiled on to wood some years ago and sealed the timber with neat PVA glue, 2 coats - not diluted. Lasted ages.

Hope this helps


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I'll check the adhesive

Nothing wrong with a coat of PVA, although good adhesives don't necessarily need it.

Because of the differing flexibility and rate of expansion/contraction, it's best to use a flexible latex adhesive.

If it's a floor, then a thing called a 'de-coupling membrane' is advised. Although they've managed to overcomplicate things with many different types available. Basically, it's a net that prevents cracking from movement.

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My adhesive doesn't say what it is so I'll leave the wood, I've scoured some lines to give the adhesive something to key onto.

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Putting Ceramic Tiles On Wood

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