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Sealant For A Shower - Help!

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wolf63 | 18:41 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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This is not a picture of my shower but it will show you the area that I am concerned about.

Should the bottom of the wetwall be sealed in this area?  If so what product do I need?  Amazon has quite a few things to pick from.




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Yes it should be sealed with a silicon sealant.

^^^ Agreed but, within a bathroom, it's best to use a sealant which incorporates a fungicide, such as this one:

(Also available in Beige, Jasmine, Manhattan Grey, Cement Grey, Black, Anthracite and Clear).


To dispense it, you'll need one of these
and a pack of these

Question Author

Thanks to both of you.

I might buy these things and try to sort it myself.


I am going to get someone to lay laminate and other tasks.  I could put this on my growing list.

First step is to find someone to take away my old fridge-freezer.  The local dump banned them due to one blowing up on their site and killing someone.  That is a job for tomorrow.  😅



In our house the shower was finished at the tray with a sealant, but after a while it separated from the plastic tray (without us realising for quite a while). 

Once we realised I had to redo it with a proper waterproof sealant. It threatened to cause severe damp problems.

Sanitary silicone as said above.

With the greatest respect ('cos it's you), unless you're confident and have done it before, You could get into a right mess if you tried it yourself 😋

I am confident and have done it many times  before, and I still get into a right mess.  *** evil stuff 😡

Question Author

So, I will pay for someone too do it for me - thanks, good answer.

Now to find my list of jobs to that xI want done...


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Sealant For A Shower - Help!

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